About Us

This site is dedicated to anyone willing to learn more about piranhas and maintaining piranha tanks. Whether you are just getting into the wacky world of piranhas or you have been in it for a while, there is always something to learn.
I started World Of Piranhas because I was a newbie at one point and I remember how intimidating it was when I first started. I had no idea what fish I wanted to focus on, just that I was fascinated by them. I also had no clue what equipment and supplies I needed to get started. I was able to get some great help along the way, so I wanted to pay things forward by providing some experience to others via this web site. I have several years of experience taking care of a lot of different types of fish however piranhas have always been my favorite.
Once in a while (no set schedule) I publish another blog post which covers information related to piranhas, like how to identify certain types of piranhas and a whole lot more. I enjoy receiving feedback so if you like or dislike something I post, please let me know.
Piranha Guy